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Who are we?

How it started and where is it going?

How 142  started….  Toby, Lisa and Drew were given the opportunity to use the empty premises at 142 Hamilton road for a period of 3 months back in January 2019. Being artists, we decided we would simplify the décor to resemble a blank canvas and each in turn get in there and put on an exhibition of our artwork (think pop up gallery). As the premises had no history as a gallery we didn’t expect a lot of people through the door. Unwilling/unable to sit and wait for visitors, Lisa decided to use the space as a studio and, whilst exhibiting, worked on some large canvases. (This working whilst exhibiting felt so positive it became a 142 theme).

 During the time we three exhibited there we actually had a lot of people through the door, a lot of encouragement and also had loads of interest from fellow artists wishing to do the same thing… why not? Not wanting to say no, but also not being natural administrators, we wiggled our way forward. 

Our wonderfully supportive landlords saw what was happening, must have liked it, and what started out as 3 months has now become about 3 years. 

As practising artists and in full time work we run 142 in our spare time and with the help of some great volunteers. Our special thanks to Victoria, Mikaela and Caroline. In June 2021 we made things a bit more official by becoming a community interest company (C.I.C.). 

Part of our vision is to keep the hire fee minimal so that cost does not overly inhibit creativity. By asking artists for 25% of sales we have managed to cover bills, make improvements to the facilities – like decent gallery lighting , hanging system, plinths (and, next on the wish list is a kitchenette out back).

Running this project takes a lot of time and energy. We love it but don’t know how long we can keep it up. Therefore we only take bookings for about 6 months ahead. This format also allows us some flexibility to change how we do things and keep the project dynamic – we like that. We are artists who never expected to find themselves running a gallery – but here we all are ……142!

We love the way the space is transformed week in, week out by exhibiting artists.     

142 is an ongoing and ever evolving adventure into which we welcome the energy of fellow artists – we don’t see it as limited by the four walls of the locale but as limitless as the vision of those who choose to get involved. 


Lisa and Toby

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