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Artists Wanted

 142 is a Community Interest Company, run by artists for artists. 


We continue to promote ‘142’ as an energetic, evolving art space with the aim of  maximising the benefits of our high street corner plot, to engage with the public as fully as possible. 


We are looking to encourage artists to showcase their work by sharing something of their process in creating art, and to consider 142 as an environment with which they can interact and explore new aspects of their work. This could be using the gallery as a working studio, installation or white space, using the facilities of ‘142’ to enhance and promote their art .

All submissions and enquiries should be made by completing our contact form below or via email to


Whilst we have previously encouraged the sharing of your processes and engagement with the public, this time we would also like to emphasise your freedom to choose how you use this space to exhibit, explore, engage and express.


Successful applicants will be given the choice to select their weeks on a first come, first served basis.

What we need from you:

A brief written proposal outlining how you would like to use this space, indicating whether you prefer one or two weeks.

Please provide us with at least 3 images or videos and links to social media where relevant.

In writing your proposal, please note that we will give priority to artists who plan to use the gallery as more than just a white space. We love to see artists “working” in the gallery space, demonstrating what they do and thereby encouraging engagement with the people of the high street. We hope to see artists getting creative with the use of the space. We won’t put ideas in your heads but we look forward to you putting them in ours. Our charges are minimal and you absolutely CAN get paint on the floor so please see this as an exciting opportunity to do something different.

If via email: please write in the subject line: (your name) 2024 proposal

Our Offer:

We offer you the space to make something exciting happen and the encouragement

and support of the artists on our team.

We ask for a £50 administration fee per week and a 25% commission on the first £2,000 of sales.

Artists are required to man their own event and to be open daily 10am – 4pm throughout the hire period from 10am Thurs – 1pm the following Wed.


Full terms and conditions provided upon acceptance.

Artist Application

Thanks for submitting!

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