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We are inviting your paintings, prints, drawings, textiles, ceramics and sculpture- on the theme of ‘Candlelight’

Dates of Exhibition: 11th – 22nd March 

Delivery of artwork: Friday 4th – Monday 7th March from 10am - 4pm

Collection of artwork: Tuesday 22nd March 4pm – 7pm or Wednesday 23rd March 10am -4pm

Open evening: Friday 11th March 6pm – 8pm

Coverage:  Instagram and at and local media

Our 142 Open Call exhibitions provide an opportunity for all artists to contribute to a harmonious yet diverse exhibition, celebrating a particular theme through many individual interpretations.

Prizes: The ‘Candlelight’ exhibition presents the chance to win the following prizes.

The 'Art lovers’ Choice' (a favourite piece voted for by visitors to the exhibition) will win its creator a £200 Gift Voucher to spend at Lamden Gallery, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich.

The 'Artists Choice' (voted for by the exhibiting artists) will win its creator a cash prize of £300.

The 'Gallery's Choice' - based on the work presented for this event, as well as background research, the 142 team will offer a week long exhibition free of fee and commission to the artist they would most like to see more of.

Prize announcement: The winners of the prizes for the ‘Candlelight’ exhibition will be announced on the evening of 22nd March via our social media channels and in our shop window at the gallery 142 Hamilton Road.


- Terms and Conditions -

How to Enter:

Entries cannot be pre-booked. We are operating on a ‘first come first served’ system for the delivery of artworks - Friday 4th March – Monday 7th March from 10am - 4pm

We are limited to 100 hanging/floor spaces.

Theme: The theme of the exhibition is ‘Candlelight’ and you are free to interpret this however you feel.        


Please do be aware that artworks that are not sympathetic to the theme of the exhibition will not be included. The curators of the exhibition have final say on the artworks to be displayed in the exhibition.

We look forward to welcoming an array of imaginative artworks on the chosen theme!

Delivery and Collection: You must be available to deliver to and collect your artwork/s from the gallery. At the time of collection, you should collect your artwork/s ‘off the wall’.  We are unable to wrap any artworks. Please take all wrappings home with you when delivering.

Please note that you are submitting artwork/s at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur during the installation of your artwork/s or during the exhibition.

Entry Fee: £10 per artwork submitted to be paid at the time of submission, maximum of two artworks per artist.

All ages are welcome to submit artwork, professional or amateur.


Strict size policy for work/s: 2D artworks - 70x70cm maximum (including frame), sculpture – 60cm x 60cm footprint. By submitting artwork you agree to have your artwork photographed and shared via our social media channels/promotional advertisements regarding this 12 day event.

Details needed: Please attach CLEARLY to the back of your submitted artwork/s:

· Your name

· Telephone number

· Title of your work/s

· Medium

· Price (if for sale) or N.F.S.(not for sale)

Please do ensure that your art work has been suitably strung and is ready to be hung, otherwise it will not be accepted into the exhibition and your £10 submission fee (per artwork) is non-refundable.


Commission: The gallery will charge 25% commission on all works sold at the exhibition. You are not obliged to put the artwork/s you submit to the exhibition up for sale.

Sales: If your artwork/s are sold, payment will be settled at the time of collection on Tuesday 22nd March 4pm – 7pm or Wednesday 23rd March 10am -4pm

At this point if the buyer has been unable to collect their purchase we will pass on their details to you so that you can arrange collection/delivery.


Personal Data: From the time you submit your artwork/s to the time you collect your artwork/s we will hold the details of your name, telephone number and signature. After the exhibition has ended we will destroy any record of these details appropriately.

Safety: If using candles in your work please note that we cannot have naked flames in the gallery and for this event you will need to substitute battery-operated, flameless candles.  

And finally please do keep an eye on our website regarding Covid related updates that may affect this show. 

2022 ‘Candlelight’ Open Exhibition.


We look forward to your participation.

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